Hi Babes,

My name is Vanessa, the founder of Hot Girl Summer Boutique.

Hot Girl Summer Boutique was created with a dream and passion for fashion. Fashion and style are a perfect way to express who you are. This boutique was started in hopes of empowering our sisters, friends, co-workers, the girl next door….all women to be more confident and to not be afraid to show their true beauty and style. Every item is selected by me and modeled by myself or my friends and family. 

Starting a boutique during a global pandemic has not been easy, however, anything worthwhile in life ever is. I hope by pursuing my passion amidst tough times I can inspire someone to also pursue their dream and just go for it. 

I hope to build a community of babes who can empower one another and even make some friends on the way.  Thank you for following my journey and get ready for some cute outfit ideas.